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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

How To Increase Your Blogger Traffic For Free And Get Paid

Blogging now a day is not only used for the purpose of sharing thoughts but also a way to monetize the user. There are lots of monetizing applications available but all of these require high traffic on the sites and this make a motivated user feel low so he cannot give his full to increase the traffic and manage his site.  So today I am going to show you How To Increase Website Traffic For Free.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Learn from youtube channels

We all know internet is place where we can boost up our knowledge on anything. Today I will show you some YouTube accounts which share up knowledge. Just watch and learn.

How to set picture password for your PC

When the technology is new then why are you using old and boring text password for your computer. Now you can too use the same picture password just like android have.To open your computer you need to long click a specified area or to draw a pattern by connecting dots with the help of mouse.

How to make your laptop personal WiFi Hotspot without hardware

Do you use data card or lan to surf internet. Do you want to one internet connection connecting your mobile, tablets, laptops, printers etc? To do this you need a hotspot. But if you don’t have the hotspot hardware, what to do next?

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Free utility software for your PC

·    Android File Transfer: Mac can’t use your android as Mass storage Device. To transfer between your device and computer you need AFT which helps you to use drag and drop as soon as you connect your device via USB.

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