Sunday, 6 April 2014

Free utility software for your PC

·    Android File Transfer: Mac can’t use your android as Mass storage Device. To transfer between your device and computer you need AFT which helps you to use drag and drop as soon as you connect your device via USB.

·    ONYX:  Onyx helps your mac to work smoothly. It’s advanced management system helps the Mac to work perfectly. It’s an good alternate to ccleaner.


·    DeskPot:  Dexpot is a multitasking application which helps the user to work with many application at a same time by dividing the screen.
·    RainMeter: Windows allows us to use limited wallpapers as customized desktop. Rainmeter helps the user to customize desktop as per user with 3d/virtual wallpapers.
·    Rocket Dock : If you want to have a animated dock just like Mac OSx. Then rocketdock is the best app for you.

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