Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Best Laptops of 2014

While surfing over the internet on my new laptop made me curious to research more about laptop. Companies now days are trying to produce unique designs in market. Have a look at these all new laptops.

Asus Taichi
·       ASUS Taichi:  Here you can have fun for the dual screen laptop. There’s a screen beyond the display screen. When you close the lid you can still use it as a tablet. Both the screens are full HD. It also have 4 GB RAM.

Iconia w4

·        ACER Iconia W4: Contains Windows 8.1. Have IPS display with superb speed of 1.8 GHz. The best part of this laptop cum tablet is that it can be used both as a tablet and if needed keypad use it as a laptop.
Dell XPS 12
·       DELL XPS 12: The rotatable ultrabook by DELL®. Best use of Ferris wheel is showed. It’s screen rotate over and out. It is also a laptop cum tablet.
Acer Aspire R 7
·       ACER Aspire R7: With the use of hinges it is divided or I may correct myself it can be used in four ways i.e. Notebook, Tablet, Ezel and Display Mode. In display mode the screen is rotatable.
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