Monday, 7 April 2014

Learn from youtube channels

We all know internet is place where we can boost up our knowledge on anything. Today I will show you some YouTube accounts which share up knowledge. Just watch and learn.

Ideas worth spreading”
Technology, Entertainment and Design officially known as (TED) is a set of global conferences that are held for most probably technology purpose.  

Minute Physics is the channel for the people who want to know about how physics work in daily life. Created by Henry Reich, also runs one more channel i.e. Minute Earth. This channel was started one year ago having a subscription of 1,185,000(approx.). Both the channels uses time-lapsed sketches. Filled with answers  for your most of the questions.

                  “our world is amazing”

What if everyone jump at once, why do we kiss, what’s the most dangerous place on earth. Get answers to these questions and much more. Created by Micheal Stevens in the summers 2010 contains 7,061,000 subscribers and 593,370,000 of total views..
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