Thursday, 10 April 2014

Top 5 3d and realistic games 2014

Smartphones and tablets have powerful hardware. But most of us despite spending large sum of bucks don’t utilize devices to their full capability. Here are five 3-D and hyper realistic games which can do it. Also you
                                                            will love to play them .

·       FIFA 14( free- android, iOS)
World cup year, before June kicks off the football madness goes live here. Well, if you can’t go for a friendly match and are excited to show off your skills then you must surely download FIFA 14.
                                                         Game is really advanced                                                                   available on Android and                                                             iOS, contains 30 + league.
·       Dead Trigger 2 (free- android, iOS)
Computer games and movies have one thing in common i.e. Zombies meet guns! Same concept applied here you have to save your world by battling with the undead creatures ZOMBIES.
Killing zombies makes you earn points through which you can exchange/buy weapons, travelling up on new regions.
DT2 promises to make you sit near your device for hours.

·       Blade slinger ( USD-5, INR-390 rs- android,iOS)
This game can also be called as hack-and-slash. Player Williams Glaston returning from war to his home and finds his home captured by monster.
Williams can not only slash these creatures but also kick, punch them. Initially it’s easy to clear up the levels but as you progress you may need to purchase potions/healers.

·       Real Racing 3 ( free- android, BB10, iOS)
Driving, Drifting, Dragging and Racing is not enough to describe RR3 as a game. You play it you describe it.
Rookie wants to make his career. Choosing from the latest model of Porsche, Dodge, Buggati and Audi to the latest verified circuits to polished area and the shadow shows the realistic effects of driving.

·       Asphalt 8: AIRBORNE ( free- android, BB10, iOS, WP8)
I personally love the Asphalt series although some earlier versions were paid up versions but this time it’s free to use especially on all OS.
Lamborghinis, Buggati, Ferraris played in various cities like Ice Land. Motion censored game titling the smartphone may work.

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