Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How To Unlock Android Device If Forget The Pattern

Just assume the situation that you forgot your android’s pattern and after maximum number of chances you
need to enter the email and password entered for your play store just imagine you forgot that too. Now you have to the third party to format your android just because you forgotten the pattern . Don’t worry now you can too format your android phone doesn’t matters if the device is locked here we go follow these steps :

·         Switch Off your device
·         First click vol. key up and hold it
·         Then click home hold both the keys
·         And then hold power key
·         (P.S.- you need to hold the keys sequentially )
·         Release it after 2 sec. see image
if this logo appears with some options it means you are on the track
Now you will be entering to developer mode ( if not then you have done the things wrong try again)
·         Your touch will not work so you need to scroll the content with vol up and down keys
·          Go to DELETE ALL USER DATA
·         And you are done.

NOTE: All The User Data Will Be Delete. We Are Not Responsible

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