Thursday, 9 January 2014

How To see Facebook Password

There are so many fake software claims that download this and get any facebook password. This is really rubbish I don’t believe in any software. so I found out how you can see the facebook password of a friend without any software. Actually I was learning how Mark created fb or what was its code for my profile page and I found this stuff. I won’t claim that you can hack into a profile but I am pretty sure that if  someone challenged you then  Follow me :

Materials Required:
1.     A friend whose password is needed to be found out and a laptop

Procedure :
1.     Open facebook.
2.     Ask your friend to type his password only password
3.     Copy and paste won’t be working
4.     Go to his password and left click
5.     Click on inspect element
6.     There you will find java/html language and highlighted word password
7.     Again edit this java/html by double clicking with “text”
8.     And close it
9.     Now you can see the password of your friend
need video help see here

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