Monday, 23 June 2014

Hide Whatsapp "last seen at" without any software

In my last post I mentioned about SUBWAY SURFER HACK FREE WITHOUT SURVEY. I also mentioned about giving you modified(MOD) file of whatsapp in other words you can say it as a whatsapp hack. In this post I am going to show you How to hack whatsapp and  How to hide time “last seen at” on whatsapp Without any software.
Today I will show you How to hide last seen at on whatsapp. For more whatsapp tricks visit my earlier post Cool Whatsapp Tricks You Never Known About.
Procedure to hide “last seen at”  -  For iOS and Android
  ·       Open Whatsapp.
  ·       Go to settings.
  ·        Settings > Accounts > Privacy
  ·       Turn off timestamp there(iOS)
  ·       Choose nobody as a option (android)
  ·       And you are done.

Now I will show you  How to hack whatsapp

Download this all new Whatsapp+ modified by users this new whatsapp+ contains
  1.   All new theme of whatsapp( default blue you can change the colours in you want)
  2.   All new options with built in turn off online
  3.   New widgets, New conversation, New chat box
  4.   Change everything in whatsapp you want
  5.   Other mod’s by same user.


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