Thursday, 9 January 2014

How To Create Undeletable Folder In Windows

Every one of us have the tension caused by other people if they delete our folder. I am an hostler where we have access to computer but some bullshit deletes the file we save there temporally. But not now here is the trick to create undeletable/unrenamable folder without using any software follow these steps:

Creating a folder…

1.       Open CMD
2.       You cannot make undeletable folder in the root directory means C:/
3.       Type D:
4.       Type md con\ (md command stands for make directory)
5.       Don’t change the file name from con to else otherwise you won’t get what you need.
You are done.

Deleting That Folder…

People cannot delete that folder manually but for you to delete you need to follow
1.       Open CMD
2.       Type D:
3.       Type rd con\ (rd stands for remove directory)
need tutorial watch this
4.       You are done.
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