Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How To Create Fake Screenshot Of Facebook comment,Twitter,IPhone Messages,Fake Newspaper Clips etc

Have you ever wonder how people create fake screenshot like their epic as the cover of TIME magazine.
Yes it need photoshop editing but don’t worry I have searched you the sites to create fake fb screen shots,Twitter,IPhone Messages,Fake Newspaper Clips etc.

1.       For FACEBOOK screenshots builder click here :FB Screen Shot Builder.
2.       IfakeText Bulider allows the user to make fake iphone messages screenshot.
3.       Tweet Builder Fake helps us to create fake tweeter conversation.
4.       FakeTicket  helps you to create images for boarding passes.
5.       My one of the best app is Nwsppr Clips . This site creates fake newspaper clipping
6.       To generate some kind of random identity with fake name, addresses, pin card, license Fake Name Genrator helps you a lot.

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