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Monday, 6 January 2014

Notepad Tricks

Guys I am back with my notepad tricks. And this time I will show you some more notepad tricks. In my later post I will tell you some high level notepad tricks for example : how to hang windows via note pad. Here we go :
·         Do you know that the airplane which crashed to WTC number was – Q33N. So go to note pad and type Q33N in capital letters and change the font size to 72 and font to WingDings.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Note pad trick and hack to annoy your friend

So Guys I am back with another annoying notepad trick. Annoy your friends with these tricks and have fun. You just need to type the code given below after each heading and save the file as instructed.
Let us start

1.       Shutting down computer with an error message :

@echo off
msg * hack
shutdown -c "hack for shutdown code type !" –s

·         Save it as Tweaks Online_shtdwn.vbs
·         Send this file to your friend

Saturday, 4 January 2014


So guys today I will post some useful sites to learn something useful free of cost online. Topic covered
·         PHOTOGRAPHY   
·         DANCING


Learn the art to design/edit and click pictures with your mobile device or non high prolific cameras  PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE helps us to learn free photography courses online. After registering here you may have access to their photography tutorials which cover cameras, computer editing, and other photography topics.
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