Friday, 10 January 2014

How To Hack Admin Password With Guest Account

Hate working in guest account me too!!! I found out how to hack Admin with Guest account although I have posted another trick before also see Hack Admin password With CMD.

Airtel free GPRS Trick Working Jan 2014

 I am an Indian. Don’t worry I won’t be doing discrimination this trick is for Indian users only. Today I am going to tell you Airtel free GPRS trick to use internet (3g). follow my steps:

Using Net On Default Browser

1.    Go to settings
2.    Mobile networks
3.    Open APN’s

Thursday, 9 January 2014

How To Create Undeletable Folder In Windows

Every one of us have the tension caused by other people if they delete our folder. I am an hostler where we have access to computer but some bullshit deletes the file we save there temporally. But not now here is the trick to create undeletable/unrenamable folder without using any software follow these steps:

Creating a folder…

List Of Some Important sites

In my earlier post I gave you list of some online How To’s Site see here.

Today I am going to post  list of more such type of sites which is really usefull
1. search engine for twitter
2. desktop movies recorder online.
3. url-QR code convertor

How To see Facebook Password

There are so many fake software claims that download this and get any facebook password. This is really rubbish I don’t believe in any software. so I found out how you can see the facebook password of a friend without any software. Actually I was learning how Mark created fb or what was its code for my profile page and I found this stuff. I won’t claim that you can hack into a profile but I am pretty sure that if  someone challenged you then  Follow me :

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How To Unlock Android Device If Forget The Pattern

Just assume the situation that you forgot your android’s pattern and after maximum number of chances you
need to enter the email and password entered for your play store just imagine you forgot that too. Now you have to the third party to format your android just because you forgotten the pattern . Don’t worry now you can too format your android phone doesn’t matters if the device is locked here we go follow these steps :

Cool Whatsapp Tricks You Never Known About

How many of you have installed whatsapp almost most of us. I too personally love whatsapp its really a nice
cross platform instant messaging app which uses internet to send messages files etc.
Today I am gonna take show you some common whatsapp trick that we know but none guided us to use. Here we go :
Flying Twitter Bird Widget By